John Parankimalil Fr PD Johny, Educationist, Story-Teller And Motivator

John Parankimalil

Educationist, Story-Teller and Motivator

  • Educationist, Story-Teller and Motivator
    Dr. (Fr.) John Parankimalil, SDB, Principal, Don Bosco College of Teacher Education, Tura
  • "Being a parent isn't easy!" The complexity of today’s parenting makes it important to develop some basic skills to guide children.
    PROGRESSIVE PARENTING - The Definitive Resource Book
  • Crucial skills that makes you Powerful, Successful and Effective!
    LIFE SKILLS for the 21st Century, Building a Foundation for Success and Happiness
  • Your Personality defines you!  Discover yourself and develop your potential...
    PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT - Lessons in Personal Growth and Effectiveness
  • Stories that will take you by the hand, to your mind and go right through the heart and show you how much you can achieve in life...
  • Amazing stories for Inspiration, Motivation, Courage and Determination!
  • Secrets to equip future leaders to become world changers!
    THE SECRETS OF HIGH ACHIEVERS - Lessons from the World's Great Achievers
  • Let not your problems master you and make you a slave of your passions and feelings. Learn how to master it and be a winner.
    HOW TO WIN OVER YOUR PROBLEMS - Practical Approaches to bring Peace and Order into your Life

Harold Byne says that our life offers two choices. We can live scurrying for survival or we can soar to unlimited heights. He explains it citing examples of two creatures he noticed while sitting in a boat with a couple of friends.

He noticed a field mouse on the river bank. He emerged out of his hole, darted in a couple of directions, and then scurried back. I thought of the existence of this little creature. His life is spent running around, frightened and frantic, following his nose. He darts here, scurries there, turns in circles, but never really sees much beyond his nose.


A parable tells about a martial artist who kneels before a master sensei in a ceremony to receive the hard-earned Black Belt. After years of relentless training, the student finally reaches the pinnacle of achievement, in the discipline. “Before granting the belt, you must pass one more test,” the sensei solemnly tells the young man. “I’m ready,” responds the student, expecting perhaps one more round of fight. “You must answer an essential question: What is the true meaning of the Black Belt?”
“Why, the end of my journey,” says the student. “A well-deserved reward for my hard work.” The master waits for more. Clearly, he is not satisfied. The sensei finally speaks: “You are not ready for the Black Belt. Return in one year.”

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Dr John Parankimalil, popularly called Fr. P.D. Johny is largely remembered for the change and transformation he brought into St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School. He received the 1st Computer Excellence Award for Schools from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the President of India in August 2002. He was the National President of All India Association of Catholic Schools (AINACS)

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